The soap shape is ideal to maintain a correct position of the cervic-dorsal column. The holes guarantee a perfect ventilation.

about 70 x 43 x h 14

Natural material



Traditional shape



100% natural latex


Good reasons to choose a A.M.I. 100% natural latex pillow.

01. Optimum distribution of pressure

The pillow only comprises at the point of contact and it reacts immediately with a correct elastic response. This perfect elasticity in specific points gives to the pillows an excellent quality standard and it ensures a uniform distribution of pressure.

04. Optimum temperature and humidity control

Thanks to his open cells structure, it guarantees healthy microclism that can regulate temperature and humidity.

02. Perfect support for cervicals

The pillow allows the cervical vertebrae to regain their natural position and to supply fluids, while it ensure adequate blood circulation.

05. No bacteria and no mold

Prevent bacteria and prints is important to the daily hygiene especially in the room someone rests. The pillows conflicts the proliferation of bacteria and fungus, and it eliminates them completely, recreating and preserving a safe and protected environment.

03. 100% ergonomic

The pillow gives relax to the body, it stretches and repositions the intervertebral discs of the cervical zone and of whole colonna, whether you sleep supine or on one side.


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